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Summer Training

Android(Live Project)


(Android Architecture,Android Development Tools, Defining Android User Interfaces Development of different screen sizes, Styling and Themes,ActionBar, Intents and Activity Communication ,ListViews and ListActivity , File based Persistence, Security ,Network Communication, SQLite and ContentProvider, Asynchronous Processing in Android, SQLite and ContentProvider ,Services, Broadcast Receiver, NotificationManager, Canvas API for custom Views ,Location services and Google Maps, Homescreen Widgets, Using Android Sensors Audio and Video ,Build Management, Professional Testing ,DeploymentTargeting Tablets and Smartphones)


45 days


Java(Live Project)


(Java Servlet Technology , JSP Technology Message Driven Bean,Enterprise Beans,Bean Managed Persistence,Session Bean , Java Message Service API ,DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING (JDBC), JDBC SQL Programming, Spring, XML Programming,Hibernate ,AJAX ,STRUTS,Java Server Faces )


45 days


ASP.Net(Live Project)


(.NET Framework with C# Language,Validation Controls,Applying Themes and Styles to Controls,ASP.NET Architecture,Page Navigation Options,Creating a Layout Using Master Pages,User Controls,Custom Controls,ASP.NET State Management,Use of Configuration File - Web.Config,Working with ADO.net,Manipulating Data With LINQ,Web Caching,Authentication & Authorization,AJAX.NET,Sql Server as backend)


45 days


PHP(Live Project)


Introduction to PHP, Basic of PHP, Artifacts of PHP- Language syntax, Data types, conditional statements, loops, functions, calling functions, Built-in functions.Calling other scripts with in scripts, Writing simple Scripts, Writing Advanced scripts, AJAX, connection with database, MySQL connectivity, Server side programming-servlets, WAMP tool , installing web site on web server-Apache, IIS,WAMP.


45 days


Number : +91 8953964152 (10am to 7pm Mon-Sat)