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Power Sector

When India became independent in 1947, the country had a power generating capacity of 1,362 megawatt (MW). Today, India is the sixth largest in terms of power generation and the per capita power consumption in the country is 733.54 kilowatt-hours per year (kWh/yr). It is said that power or electricity is the most critical component of infrastructure, which affects the economic growth and well-being of a nation. Presently, about 65 per cent of the electricity consumed in India is generated by thermal power plants, 22 per cent by hydroelectric power plants, three per cent by nuclear power plants and the rest 10 percent come from other alternate sources like solar, wind, biomass, etc. .

PDMS test


1.Rural Electrification Program
2. Urban Electrification Program
3. GPS Survey & Mapping
4. Renewable Energy: Beginning of new Era
5. Third Party Inspection! Quality Assurance
6. Energy Auditing - Need & Significance


12 Days.


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