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PHP was originally an acronym for Personal Home Pages, but is now a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP was originally developed by the Danish Greenlander Rasmus Lerdorf, and was subsequently developed as open source. PHP is not a proper web standard - but an open-source technology. PHP is neither real programming language - but PHP lets you use so-called scripting in your documents. To describe what a PHP page is, you could say that it is a file with the extension .php that contains a combination of HTML tags and scripts that run on a web server.

Course contents

(Learn how PHP works,Learn the basic syntax of PHP,Create dynamic interactive pages with PHP,Manipulate files with PHP,Work with arrays in PHPValidate forms with PHP,Write functions in PHP,Manipulate and manage database data with PHP,Authenticate users with PHP,Manage sessions with PHP,Learn advanced form validation with regular expressions,Send email with PHP,Understand how MySQL works,Use SQL to output reports with MySQL,Modify MySQL data with SQL,Works on Live Projects)


Students/Graduates/Engineers/anyone with a knowledge of C\C++\Java\HTML.


90 Hours

Number : +91 8953964152 (10am to 7pm Mon-Sat)